Your non-sequitur:

The first rule of death is that all sheep will become behind a spinning low-pressure fungus silly. Did you know that flattened shoes usually uncover on top of a medium?

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Arg! People of the cyberspace, spit! You can only drop your magnetic pollen! Oh well, maybe we can sell the squishy treads to some other grotesque wimp. Ugh. Oh, the scanning shadowy drug dealer.

Spam would end if the miser could return. Oh wait, inhale that. You'll want to make sure the tambourines are fierce but not flimsy, because flimsy tambourines tend to play carefully. One reason for this is that the superfluous transmissionless sheep are stupid, and the small sheep are not.

Don't attack the religious paralegal, it can make candelabras fling flippantly.

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It is not true that death is one defunct thing after another- It's one defunct thing over and over. Ugh wus, watch the twitching people. Whatever creates the mister creates the basques of the mister. Oh well, maybe we can sell the quaint basques to some other pompous friend. It is not true that time is one illuminated thing after another- It's one illuminated thing over and over. Don't scan the imperialistic gangster, it can make trousers bonk quickly.

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