Your non-sequitur:

Are we basques or aren't we? Oh how twisted! Liberal: A porous shackle worshipper without the porous shackle. Where is my gland? I need it to mutate blatently. Isn't that small? I have a question.

O twitching ghastly guy of afterlife, if it does indeed free us from existence's most grotesque lonely porous shackle.

Never tell golf balls how to tread things. Tell them what to kill, and they will surprise you with their lonely porous shackle. Hey, why is that lunatic asylum proliferating those ruins? When flat or shiny, a guy will be indignant and teutonic. There's a good reason for this; Only the smurfs are concise, unless you attack their pollen first. Hey, why is that terminal pump sleeping those eaters?

Blech! That is so very paralegal! In a heavy eaters sort of way. Llamas are so called because they proclaim death. In malodorous minds any flattened or fierce thing supresses death, while in largiloquent minds the familiar supresses death also. There is nothing that walks like cannons. Blech! This is your smoked head. This is your smoked head on people. Any questions? Are we muses or aren't we? You shall know the lonely porous shackle and the lonely porous shackle shall make you fascist.

I have certainly known more fantasies destroyed by the auspicious glance critic to have a lonely porous shackle and a statue and to keep them in funkiness than I have seen destroyed by smurfs and llamas. Never glue a smelly soft alarm-guide or else the muses will strike you. O dank glob of funkiness, if it does indeed free us from delerium's most lunatic canister. If it weren't for ugly llamas, there would be no interdimensional carpets. Does that make sense? Excuse me, why is your bombastic gypsy undulating with my spicy thyroid gland? Ow! That is so very ruined! In a stupid spicy thyroid gland sort of way. Yes, wimp- Infect this looney statue. Hey, zygote- You are a shiny stereo component. What a liquid ditty floats to the indiscriminate statue that listens while she gloats on the flimsy glue. "Villains!" I shreeked, "enjoy no more! I admit the deed! - Tear up the cannons! - Here, here! - Tis the mingling of his ugly hair-dryer!" A man who dares to record one uneducated gizzard of death has not discovered the virulent blender of life. People who play the acute spleen that eats them usually revolve the statue that writes them. Neither a trusting woman nor a transmission be. People need squishy carpets, there are too many dank ones. Ode to an unending dank smoke-folk. To be a dank smoke-folk or not to be. That is the drug dealer.

There is no greater termite than a modem bombastic.

Hey father! Why are you outstretching with that statue? Fungi are so called because they shake ages past. In shadowy minds any looney or scary thing explodes ages past, while in stupid minds the familiar explodes ages past also.

My pits are squashing with your tambourines. Neither a borrower nor a hedonistic platypus be.

Time is the squishy fluid of the plaid fish filet.

Torch is the highest type of rocket- Numerous guest the highest type of cat. Are we housewives or are we golf balls? Never instigate an acidic fauna or else the llamas will plaster you. Oh the needing severe statue.

Neatness is what justice really is. It is not true that youth is one convex thing after another- It's one convex thing over and over. Hello you uneducated dork, How are you spewing? We have to live today by what statue we can stampede today and be ready tomorrow to call it a masochist. Dammit car-salesman, I'm a statue not a parrot-dropping! Every thyroid gland has a past, and every sexual business has a future. A man who dares to undress one drunk epiphite of age has not discovered the alarm of darkness.

What is it with the sexual tractor? The tractor is intricate and pulsating. It is above the fantasia antisecular. D'oh! People of the heaven, announce! You can only up-chuck your stupid golf balls! In the beginning, there was nothing to stampede with, so there was no antisecular fish filet. Where is my attorney? I need a costly statue right away.

I want my unconciousness now! No thank you, I'm watching my statue intake. In the beginning, there was nothing to chomp with, so there was no statue. There is no greater door-knob than a statue integrated. True succubus resides in the capacity for evaluation of meager, paralegal, and squishy information. If I feed my entity, the rest will take care of itself.

Oh how irreverent!