Your non-sequitur:

A satan and his entity are soon awkward. Will you be my stain?

If I can't go back with my orgasmic shiny iron, I won't photograph at all. The lonely gangster and the lunatic asylum are alike admired for a suicidal spleen, and for the heretic treads. In the beginning, there was nothing to overflow with, so there was no hall monitor. When textured or hard, a rancid computer chip will be smooth and scary. Hey, why is that glue firing those eaters?

Acute entity-face, play that hussy. Touch not a single prophet. Arg, radio-face- Give me that stupid duck. There is a problem with the auspicious trousers: Next to an acute entity we wipe along, wipe along. Look at the defunct religious cat. Hard, ain't it? Hey!

The price of weakness is existence. A rampant meager largiloquent name does imperialistic things, but there is one thing it does not do; It does not stomp its realistic acute entity. Look at the flat carnival. Constipated, ain't it? Yo! Son, transform that realistic acute entity. Touch not a single trusting ghost. Are you sure that mingling across the fantasies will do any good? The shredded torches extract without the hyperionic cavalry.

If it weren't for meager werewolves, there would be no costly werewolves. It makes perfect sense in a convex way. Muses are totally useless when they are corrugated or heretic.

Whatever penetrates the jerk penetrates the pits of the jerk.

Slowly you must digest. After all, the religious carpets pump carelessly. Hello you virulent knight, How are you enjoying?

Look at the amorphous realistic acute entity. Drunk, ain't it? Ugh! You shall know the elegant housewife and the elegant housewife shall make you antialiased. Never lend a crazy smooth lunatic or else the eaters will stink you. Neither a borrower nor a gangster be.

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Yo! People of the africa, digest! You can only undulate your rancid fantasies! A wild anamorphic superficial expensive canister does floppy things, but there is one thing it does not do; It does not expel its superficial secret. Neat! People of the hell, frighten! You can only ingest your orthodox sheep! Are we shoes or aren't we? Be careful with that, largiloquent blender-face! It can thrash elementary carbeurators flippantly. No man is fit to abolish another that cannot abolish himself.

There is no greater wild anamorphic superficial expensive canister than a question obese. I have a camera. Camera and question, through the shiny florida we rotate. Jumpin' jehosaphat: A wild anamorphic superficial expensive canister worshipper without the wild anamorphic superficial expensive canister. Oh god! What can I do? I infect - I lend - I metabolize! Evil fish filet professors are suspect because whenever golf balls are in control, prophet prevails. I investigate all people as across a wild anamorphic superficial expensive canister as a dragon-folk who creates people aborts girly wild anamorphic superficial expensive canister.

Stop squashing my amorphous miser, please.

Yes! Grasshopper-folk! To instigate or not to instigate, and to stretch the elegant photograph instigate, These are the carbeurators. Ode to an expensive goober. To be a goober or not to be. That is the shackle.

We have to live today by what spark we can photograph today and be ready tomorrow to call it a duck.