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VLA close-up for scale Close-up picture of one of the VLA radio telescopes. I had an opportunity to visit this magnificent observatory. Too bad I never thought to hand my camera off to one of these people so I could have my picture taken next to it.

WOW signal
(I hope all SETI enthusiasts one day get a real identifiably alien signal that makes everyone say 'Wow!')

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(Augh! [updated 7/21/2000] - Well, I moved to my new house about 6 or 7 months ago, and I don't have a yard here in which to set up a receiver. Unless I build something into my attic, I may have to settle for doing SETI via SETI@Home. I haven't given up hope yet though. Amazing how originally I was going to set something up within a month or two, and now it's stretched into years. Nevertheless, I still have Project Arcturus here for your amusement, and you can also access my SETI@Home stats as well. Enjoy!)

(I have not given up! [updated 5/29/98] - It has been nearly a year since I joined the SETI League and set up this web site. While this site has gone basically unchanged over this year, I don't want you to think that ERSO will never exist. I fully intend to see it through, and I'm getting closer to realizing that goal. Soon, I hope. I will post more updates here when there is new information available. Thanks for bearing with me!)

Eventually, this page will show my efforts in "Amateur SETI", which I just recently discovered is quite possible and inexpensive (relatively speaking of course). I'm working on putting together a small radio-telescope that will operate in drift-scan mode, similarly to the Arecibo Observatory (in other words, it points straight-up). Of course, the primary difference is size (6 to 10 foot dish versus 1000 feet), as well as the fact that I will be limited to scanning one channel at a time. I plan to scan, at the very least, the lower region of the "water hole", near the hydrogen line of the radio spectrum, the so-called "magic frequency" (21.1 cm, or 1.42 GHz). Once I actually start assembling this station, I'll start posting pictures and details here.

Also, I have made available here some fictional messages from an alien intelligence for anyone who's interested to try to decode. It was fun to create, and will be interesting to see how easy it is for people to decode. It isn't designed to fool you, after all, the whole idea in such a message is for it to be easy to understand, even without any previous knowledge of the information contained within or even the format of the data, and without any prior exposure to the symbols or syntax. This project is similar in concept to the "Contact Project", but different in format. To get started, simply go to the Arcturus Project page.


VLA, at a distance
(These VLA pictures were taken by me)

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