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AT-Robots 2.10 is now available!
(approximately 260k)
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24hr/day On-Going Tournament!

The Online Tournament is back! That's right, once again the server is running online competitions 24 hours a day. For more information, please see the Tournament Information Page, or click on one of the results shortcuts below:

Daniel Pitts has been kind enough to supply a new message board. Check it out here.

Also, the ATR3 project is on-going. Click the button below:


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Welcome to Advanced T-Robots, a game which tests your programming skill by competing robot programs in a battle to the death in a simulated environment. The robot programs are written in a language called ATRA (Advanced T-Robot Assembly), which is similar to assembly language on the PC.

In concept it's fairly simple. The robot has a drive system, a certain amount of armor, and a turret that houses a scanner and a weapon. The weapon generates heat, which you will need to regulate. The scanner has a specific arc in which it can detect an enemy. So the trick is to handle all of these aspects of the robot effectively and efficiently to kill the opponent robots.

AT-Robots 2 is considered by the author (me) to be the latest and only current version of T-Robots, and therefore the previous game programs (Original T-Robots and AT-Robots 1.x) will no longer be supported/updated. Since it is not downwardly compatable due to some major fundamental changes, I must apologize to anyone who has made programs in AT-Robots 1.x.


Obtaining Software:

The current archive of available versions and related files and data can be found in the public files directory. Recently added is a linux port that uses FreePascal, courtesy of "KM".

(AT-Robot Schematic)

(T-Robot Schematic)

NOTE- Many of the followings links may be broken or unavailable. They have not been verified or updated in quite some time.

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