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Dragon's Mandate Cheats

"You can't touch me!"

Yes, Dragons' Mandate actually has cheat codes, as well as a few easter-eggs, by design! Surprised?

Important notes-

  • Only hit the "dragonslayer" button Once, because you can fill the object array, which will make the next object you drop vanish permanently. Watch the "object count" at the bottom of the screen. The maximum is 127.

  • The 'dragonslayer' button (F10) gives you all the keys, as well as a sword and dragon bait.

  • While cheating is enabled, you get single-hit kills on the dragons/monsters.

  • When invulnerability is turned on, you basically don't interact with objects at all. This means you can walk over walls, and won't be killed by monsters. Likewise, you won't be able to kill the monsters yourself, nor will you be able to pick up any objects.

Here's the codes:

BACKSPACE = Enable cheats
F7 = Change your light source
F8 = Toggle clipping/invuln. mode
F9 = Resurrect
F10 = Get useful stuff (dragonslayer)

As for the easter eggs, I'll let you find them. They're much easier to find while cheating anyway. :)


Here are some spoilers as to what the various items do:

  • The bucket kills fire elementals, making you immune to them while carrying it.

  • The cross kills wraiths, making you immune to them while carrying it.

  • The sword kills skeletons, making you immune to them while carrying it.

  • The sword kills dragons, but you have to be careful since it usually has to hit them several times.

  • The hourglass slows the monsters down.

  • The shield will protect your life once each time it is carried.

  • The wand protects you from dragon breath.

  • The lantern is a larger light than the torch, but can only be carried in place of other items.

  • The candelabra must also be carried, like the lantern, and is similar to the torch.

  • The bait will attract the dragons gradually when you're carrying it.

  • The skull, rock, sapling, and dot have no functional purpose, but can be bat-fodder. Can you find the dot?

  • One dragon is a phoenix, and will rise again once all 10 have been killed. It's a different one each time, but 50% of the time it will be the black dragon.

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