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What you see below are just a few more unclassified and declassified pictures of things connected to the NeoScience Institute in one way or another. If you've come across any interesting pictures from NeoScience, please send them to us so that we may either thank you or shoot you, depending on the classification of the content.

The BioLab:

This is just one part of our biolab. All of the failed experiments (living or dead, human or not), and left-over organic material is thrown into a chute ignoring any differences in contamination potential. The material slides into a grinder, which in turn drops it onto this conveyor belt.

The ground-up bio-matter is then taken to a storage vat, where it can be later processed into raw-materials for the cafeteria. Such a pity when things go awry, but we never have a shortage of food.

This is what happens if you leave spam sitting in the open for too long. It begins to grow, and mutate. Minutes after this picture was taken, the whole glob got up and attacked a technician. Luckily, the spam (and thus the experiment) was saved, although the technician is probably somewhere in the previous two pictures.
Here you see one of our bio-assistants using a rather odd glove-box. The extra set of gloves above are for Igor, the general-purpose assistant who happens to have four arms. The assistant pictured here is working with a carcinogenic level-4 biohazard. This bio-material was recycled the following day throught the previously mentioned chutes and onveyor systems.

The Institute Facilities:

The Institute has numerous branches all over the world, interconnected by relativistic underground transport tubes. This picture shows the main facility as it was being constructed, in a desert in the mid-western United States (precise location is classified).

Here is another view of the construction process. The large cylindrical structure that is being lowered into place is the fully-completed explosives lab. We managed to save a lot of time and money by fully furnishing and stocking the explosives lab before moving it into position.
Here you see the 'King Kong Cryovat' as it is called here. It doesn't actually contain King Kong, but it is a large vat of cryogenically suspended moss, algae, and lichen. Why are they stored there? Well, we figured "Why not?" We had a huge vat sitting around and couldn't think of anything better to do with it than to cryogenically freeze primitive plants.
This is the launch-pad for our space-oriented experiments. The main facility is just behind the hill. If you look closely you can see people scurrying around like little ants... No wait... those are ants, never mind.

This is the same launch pad during a test of a nuclear powered rocket. Unfortunately, the rocket never left the ground... Not in one piece anyway.

This picture was taken during the same test by one of our security cameras. It is a view from the visitors lounge at the entrance to the main facility. Needless to say, thermonuclear detonations are quite a blast.
This is the new launch pad, built shortly after the test shown above. It's probably just as well, since we really needed to upgrade anyway.

This is a picture taken inside one of the many tunnels that we have connecting our labs around the world. These tunnels are constructed deep in the earths crust, and even under the ocean floor. One can walk or drive through these tunnels, though that is usually only for repairs or maintenance. The pipe you see running along the ceiling is the relativistic transport tube. That's right, people and resources are actually transmitted near the speed of light through these tubes, taking only a fraction of a second to reach their destinations.

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