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UNDEAD and Mad Scientist SIMS

"Maybe I'll get taken out with the trash.. if I'm lucky."
"There's still some life left in the old fingers!"

All content Copyright 2000 Ed T. Toton III, All Rights Reserved.

"I always said this much TV would rot your brain!"
Welcome, fellow demiurge. What power this software brings for beings such as ourselves, no? While many are content to control the lives of a handful of "normal" people, we here at NecroBones Enterprises felt that it would be more our style to raise the dead. On our first attempt, we felt that we were met with relative success, though a few sacrifices had to be made, and many of our creations are just too friendly and neat. However, what we've done so far is below for you to see.

"Auugh! What did you do to my computer?"
As I said on my Dungeon Keeper 2 page, any game that can feature dancing skeletons (or zombies, etc) earns a lot of points in my book... If it weren't for the skin editing, I probably wouldn't have maintained much interest in this game.. But I must say, making all sorts of lazy slobby grouchy undead creatures, making them independantly wealthy (via cheat codes) and then putting them in all sorts of twisted situations is really cool..

"No one loves me..."
One of the challenges in getting the skins to work correctly is that the characters all use a generic set of hand textures that needed to be replaced. The unfortunate side-effect is that any -living- humans, neighbors or otherwise, look like they're wearing gloves since they have the corpse colors on their hands. I've since discovered that you -can- actually make hand skins that get loaded only with a specific skin, but I haven't gotten around to doing so since the download here would grow quite a bit from having something like 20 sets of these hand images. Below you'll see the "Undead Family", such as it is. Of course, some of these aren't always used in my simulations, since there's quite a few of them for a single family, and I also tend to use the heads/bodies in different combinations and with different names.

And in case you're wondering, the money-cheat in the new patch is "rosebud" (it used to be "klapaucius"). The money-cheat is a necessity with zombies, since they tend not to be able to hold down jobs. :)

Need names for your zombies? Try the Zombie Name Generator (press "reload" on your browser for more).

Eyesnack likes to nibble on eyes, probably because he's missing one of his own. A bit of a slob, and balding right down to the bone, he's not a happy camper.
Lurch is the only one we're tempted to send off to work, since he's the only one capable of dressing for interviews. This, of course, is only because it's what he was originally buried in.
Stretch's name is a bit of an oxymoron. You can see how the bone is showing through on places, and we're afraid if he stretches much, he might pull himself apart. No matter, we can always make more zombies.
Brainsuck doesn't need much explanation. Mmmmmmm.... Braaaaaaiinnnssssss.......... His favorite website is www.brains4zombies.com.
BoneMunch is one bad apple. He's got a burr so far up that it'll never be removed. He's ready to kick anyone's ass, including his friends.
Triste is very appropriately named, as she has tendencies towards sadness, anger, and frustration. She's very outgoing, but has little to offer in her personality otherwise.
Skinrot is, well, a rotten kid. Or is that a rotting kid? Either way, it wasn't long before he got shipped off to military school. Who could possibly expect a zombie to do well in school anyway? It was only a matter of time.
Mask is similar in personality to BoneMunch, except he's also quite playful. The lack of seriousness combined with his abusive nature makes him just as dangerous as Bonemunch, but he chooses his targets for his hatred a little differently.
HairRip has a receding hairline because of all the hair he's pulled out of his own head. I don't think he handles stress well, especially if he's staying in his pajamas all the time....
Ossis, named after one of our comics characters, is one of the more cleanly denizens of this six-corpse hovel. Well, not really, but he is a little more stylishly dressed. The truth is, none of the "Undead Family" members have any personality at all.

(Yeah, I know, looks like crap)

Osso, also named after the comics, can be a bit argumentative. Often sleeping on the sidewalk, and slapping or insulting neighbors, he's quite interesting to behold.

(more crap)

Not actually a member of the family, "Bones Skeleton" here lives down the street, has a cushy job as a pickpocket, lives by himself, and has one really nice bachelor pad, equipped with all the latest electronics and a game-room. Theft pays, and so do the cheat-codes.

(And again, I know, he kinda looks like crap. But hey, it's my first attempt at a skin for a 3D character - ever)

Now I'll bet you're wondering how we raised the dead as such. Well, I'll tell you. We were aided by a few mad scientists, which you can see below...

Meet Harry. Though his name may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, he's anything but a moron. With several advanced degrees in chemistry and materials sciences, his scientific background is not to be trifled with. Lately though, he may have started delving into other fields of research, and won't admit as to whether the green stains on his labcoat are chemical in nature, or were bled by something...

(I love small details... notice the ID badge he wears)

Here we see Anton, a well known and feared mad scientist. Few scientists ever show the level of devotion to their work as Anton does, as is evidenced by the blood stains on his coat and face. Most of his work is very secretive, so it's anyone's guess as to what his surgical talents are being used for.
Now meet Philbert. Not quite as diligent as the other two, he barely made his way through school. Now an expert on explosives and pyrotechnics, he's probably one of the more dangerous of the three, especially when you consider his complete disregard for safety procedures. His most well known invention is the self-striking match, a favorite amongst arsenists everywhere.

(details- notice the dosimeter on his lapel)

And here we see Malcolm, an expert in electronics and engineering. A master of all things digital and mechanical, some of his favorite inventions include a faster-than-light pinball game, self-guiding bullets, and a virtual reality nose-picking machine.

If you would like to download these skins, you may do so by clicking the appropriate links below: [note- please be kind to the server; if these get downloaded a little too much, I may have to remove them]

  • [Zombies] (~ 570k) This package contains all of the above zombies, plus a few alternate headshapes for the skins included. Includes green hands (all medium skinned sims will have green hands).

  • [Zombie Accessories] (~ 100k) The skins in here replace some of the basic built-in medium-color skins for bathing, showering swimmng, pajamas, and formal wear. The idea is that if you don't mind using medium skin for nothing but zombies, then you can use these to not see wierd things when the zombies do these activities. Notice how the zombies put on a diving wetsuit for swimming and bathing/showering. :)

  • [Skeletons] (~ 130k) These are the 3 skeleton skins shown above, plus a few alternate skull shapes. Package includes white hands. I seperated these from the zombies since you may not want all of your light-skinned sims having white hands just to use a few crappy skeletons.

  • [Workers] (~ 70k) This file contains replacement skins for the gardener, firefighter, and repair guy. Basically, these are zombified versions of the originals (changed only the skin, and not the clothes).

  • [Skeletons] (~ 150k) Not actually made by me, these skeletons look MUCH better than mine (see image on the right). Actually, the skins and 3D data came from within the game itself (as can be seen with FarView). Anyway, I found these at Dr. Frankensim's page. I'd have tried this myself, but why when someone already did the work for me? :)

  • [Mad Scientists] Click on the ones you want:

To install them, you need to copy them into your gamedata/skins directory. There are several copies of some of the same face images, but matched with different head forms, so that you can pick and choose a little more. Note- these change the color of the hands for ALL light and medium-skinned people. To return the hands to their original color, you'll need to delete the HF*.BMP, HM*.BMP, and HU*.BMP files in the skins directory.

If you want to see the correct hands in simshow, you'll need to set the file attributes of the existing hand images before you'll be permitted to overwrite them (or better yet, you should ZIP them up or rename them so you can put them back later).

To make them act a little more zombie like, make them angry by not giving them enough places to sit or sleep, and be sure not to let them have certain conveniences like showers or stoves (optional of course). Also, don't give them much personality (perhaps a little activeness or outgoingness, but no real niceness or neatness).

I've discovered that someone else had a similar idea, and you can see it here: Zombie Sims.

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All content Copyright 2000 Ed T. Toton III, All Rights Reserved.

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