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Are you ready to play some retro DOS games? I've made it a lot simpler to enjoy my old DOS software than it used to be. First, grab yourself a copy of DOS-BOX, which is a DOS emulator that you can run on a variety of platforms. It gives you wonderful control over the execution speed of older programs, but in my case the more important aspect is that it works with my audio mixing system in my games. My games can be run in Windows this way, and have functioning audio!

Next, grab the ZIP archive of my games. They're all in their own directories in the ZIP file, with BAT files to run them from the main directory, and a README with a description of each. Grab the file here:

If you know a little about how to use DOS, you'll find setting this all up very easy.

If you'd like to grab the games individually and in their original form, here are the software pages... The Archive above contains everything from Page 1, but Page 2 is the older stuff... my "learning to program" programs.


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