The NeoScience Institute
Employment Opportunities

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Here at the NeoScience Institute we employ people from all countries, races, and cultures. However, employment in the science areas is by usually by invitation only. Don't call us, we'll call you!

If you have super-human intellect or scientific skills, we will likely find you eventually, either through your accomplishments, or by one of our myriad devices designed to track important intellectual traits. Once we find you, you will work for us... one way or another.

If you think you have what it takes to work for us, please feel free to take the on-line version of our Employment Prequalification Exam. If you'd like to know more about the institute first, feel free to check out the "About the Institute" page.

Below is a list of the positions for which we are currently accepting applications:

  • Biological Test Subject (Bacterial and Viral)

  • Oxidation Test Subject

  • Pharmaceuticals Test Subject

  • Rapid Acceleration Test Subject

  • Radiation Test Subject

  • Gradual Exsanguination Test Subject

  • Rapid Compression/Decompression Test Subject

  • Explosives Test Subject

  • Severe Temperature Extremes Test Subject

  • Vivisection Test Subject

  • Air Contaminant Test Subject

  • Oxygen Deprivation Test Subject

  • Unecessary Surgery Test Subject

  • Sensory-Organ Deprivation Test Subject

  • Chemical Exposure Test Subject

  • Skin-deprivation Test Subject

  • Product Tester (Quality Assurance; high risk)

  • Resource Management (lifting and pushing)

  • Secretary

  • Crash Dummy

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